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Biozoom Ultrafiltration Package

BUP is suitable for water purification in water plants and industrial enterprises, as well as pretreatment for industrial water reuse.
BUP achieves the purpose of water purification by using ultrafiltration membranes to intercept suspended solids in water, enabling the use of treated water or recycled water.
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Including raw water tank, self-cleaning filter, ultrafiltration unit, and its supporting water pumps, instrumentation, and electrical control devices.

Biozoom Ultrafiltration Package Selection Table
Description Capacity
Equipment Dimensions
Inlet Turbidity
Outlet Turbidity
BUP-20 400~500 5.9*2.35*2.58 ≤300 ≤3
BUP-40 800~1000 11.8*2.35*2.58 ≤300 ≤3

Features & Benefits

  • External pressure hollow fiber membrane, cross-flow filtration, stable operation;

  • Automated programmed control of the equipment, requiring no dedicated personnel for monitoring;

  • Modular design, easy installation.

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