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Biozoom Biological Package

BZBP is suitable for industries such as food, chemical, textile, beer, and aquaculture, as well as for domestic wastewater from restaurants, shopping malls, and factories.
BZBP employs membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology, cultivating specialized aerobic bacteria and nitrifying bacteria in the biochemical module. This biochemical module is equipped with an anoxic tank and an aerobic tank. Through the aerobic microorganisms, the COD, BOD, and ammonia nitrogen in the wastewater are degraded and treated. Then, MBR membrane technology is utilized to achieve sludge-water separation, resulting in excellent water quality for effluent discharge.
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Including anaerobic pool, aerobic pool, and their supporting pumps, instrumentation, and electrical control devices.

Biozoom Biological Package Selection Table

Equipment Dimensions

Installed Power

BZBP-20 25~100 5.9*2.35*2.58 5.95
BZBP-40 100~200 11.8*2.35*2.58 10.3

Treatment Capacity
Inlet Water Index

Outlet Water Index

1 COD 500~1000 <110
2 BOD 250~500 <15
3 NH3-N 100~150 <50

Features & Benefits

  • Cultivating obligate aerobic bacteria and nitrifying bacteria results in more stable system operation.

  • With high volumetric loading, it occupies a smaller area for the same treatment capacity.

  • Utilizing membrane biotechnology, the system offers simple control.
  • The equipment operates automatically under programmed control, requiring no dedicated personnel for supervision.
  • Modular design for convenient installation and short construction period.

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