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Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment

Container type equipment is a water treatment equipment that adopts modular design, integrated manufacturing, and intelligent control. It uses containers as carriers to integrate equipment from various stages such as pretreatment, biological treatment, deep treatment, and sludge treatment into one or more containers. By combining different containerized equipment, a complete water treatment system suitable for different scenarios can be quickly formed.

Container equipment has been widely used in various fields due to its unique advantages, such as urban sewage treatment, industrial sewage treatment, rural sewage treatment, pure water preparation, etc.
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Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment

Biozoom Biological Package

BZBP is suitable for food, chemical, textile, beer, aquaculture, restaurants domestic wastewater, shopping malls, factories.
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Biozoom Ultrafiltration Package

BUP is suitable for water purification, industrial enterprises, pretreatment for industrial water reuse.
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Biozoom Reverse Osmosis Package

BROP is suitable for advanced water purification, water reuse treatment in industrial enterprises.
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